Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Leftover Pie Crust: Black Currant Turnover a la mode

My mom used to always make this delicious pastry for us when we were kids. It was the highlight of meat pie season.

It's inevitable when you've made a pie recipe or two and you've rolled out your pastry, plopped it over your pie plate, there's always too much of it.  It's just hanging all over the place.  When you trim it off, you're left with a bunch of scraps.  Whadda do?  You can't roll it back out without ruining the texture, right?

I reassemble all of the strips like some kind of pastry jigsaw.  Press them together at the seams and roll them out a bit, so they reform a sheet of pastry.  Then, as my mother taught me, I slap down a layer of dried black currants, spread out a thin layer of brown sugar, sprinkle in a bit of cinnamon, drop in a couple dabs of butter, and maybe an optional thin layer of apple or pear if I have some old fruit kicking around.  Fold it over, cut some slits, bake.

Serve with ice cream. 

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